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In energy-thirsty urban areas, walls and roofs are the main surfaces available for solar energy collecting. Fixed and unmanaged solar panel installations won’t quickly pay off the investment.

Here in Sphebotics we believe solar system efficiency will become a key factor driving the renewable energy future.

Sphetracker is a solar tracking solution for harvesting as much solar energy as possible and collecting weather and energy data around the globe.

Sphebotics first offers the technology being affordable and suitable for use in urban areas.

Being at the same time a sensor platform, Sphetracker provides accurate real-time data on the weather and the environment. The combination of both: tracker and dataset – is the best solution to increase efficiency!


real-time management (cloud APi)

no maintenance (patented mechanism)

weather and energy data (integrated sensors)

easy installation (no special skills)

water- and dust resistance (fits to any climate)

any position installation (no pitch limitation)

rooftop application (1 sphetracker per 1 standard PV)


Maksim Timufeev

Technical Director

Xavier Thibert


Dmitri Jukimov

Engineering Director

Andre Djuke

Software Director

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